All Star Race!!


A little late in giving my take on the All Star race that was ran on Saturday night at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

First of all I had a great time. I think being there at the race gives a far different perspective than someone watching from home. There is just a lot more to seed that you do not see at home. I thought the Open races were pretty good. The best two cars won the first two races. I think most people saw that coming. The third race might have been the best of the night. Erik Jones needed to exercise a little patience. The man had a great run coming off of turn 4 and if he would have had a couple extra feet of track he may have been able to pull off a great pass. Unfortunately for him there wasn’t and he dug the front splitter into the sod causing a few oil lines to break and what sounded like a tire blowing up as he navigated the corner with a smoking car. Chase might have been the best car of that race but he needed 5 laps or so for his car to come to life and with only a few laps left he could get by the #19 car. All in all I was pleased.

As for the All Star event there wasn’t a whole lot to write about and that is not necessarily a bad thing. I think everyone knows Larsen was the car to beat and when the car to beat gets the lead he will take off. That’s not a clean air issue. His pit crew didn’t have a horrible pit stop but some tames just did better going into the last 10 lap run. Kyle got a great jump on the lead and was better than Jimmy. Larsen might have been able to catch Kyle if he had another 10 laps or so. He was fast.

So I think there was nothing wrong with the race but somehow there is this outcry. I honestly think NASCAR fans are the hardest people to please in the world. They blame NASCAR for the decline in numbers but maybe they need to look at themselves. There were no crashes. So! There was almost a crash that took out the field when Larsen got into Keselowski. Brad made a great save. If he would have spun we would have heard how half the field was taken out making for a bad race. I don’t think the clean air issue was that big of a deal. Larsen was the best car of the night and showed it in the first two segments. Then he got shuffled back in the third but was coming. In the fourth segment Kyle got out in front and there may be nobody better in the lead than Kyle. You people need to get over yourselves and start looking at a sport that has more talent than ever.

I have to say I am excited for the 600! Not only because its one of my favorite races but the fact that I get to camp with my two oldest Friday till Monday. We will hit all the races going on including the dirt track. Might be my favorite weekend of the year. So if you are hanging around the track for the weekend let me know and I will let you know what site in the family campground we are staying at. Always nice to sit and chat over a drink about my favorite sport!


P.S. What in the world was wrong with Jr’s car?



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