The Safe Ending

The Go Bowling 400 ran Saturday night had everything for any type of NASCAR fan. It played out like the perfect written novel. It had the young guy dominating throughout the race. It had the drama with the crash started by what looked like a brake rotor flying through Logano’s hood, and it had the good guy winning in the end.

I think that is what Martin Truex Jr. is to NASCARF. He is the good guy. The safe guy. The guy who never gets too mad and you never hear him getting in trouble or legal battles off the track. He is the guy who helps the little old lady across the street. His wife battle serious medical issues. He is the type of guy every sport needs. I never mind seeing that guy win. That being said I am a sucker for a story. I was really pulling for Blaney to pull that out. He was the man all night but as the laps wore down I think most people had the feeling it would be hard to beat the Furniture Row Racing #78.

I feel for Danica. I really do. I have never been a huge fan of hers but again, I am a sucker for the good story. She actually has ran pretty good this year and was on her way to a pretty decent finish Saturday night. That was until Logano’s car decided to dosey doe to the left and clip the rear quarter panel of her car sending her into a fiery end. The raw emotion she expelled after the race was what this sport is all about. She desperately wants that good finish her and her team desperately deserve.

Jr, oh Jr! What a night it could have been. He actually had a very fast car Saturday night. Lost in the 20th place finish was the fact he drove through the field at one point running laps that were mirroring the leader. Just can’t get away from the bad luck that plagues him every week. I have said before it really isn’t a speed issue with him. He has had fast cars. He has just had poor pit road execution added to horrible luck. I have a feeling he will run very well at Charlotte though!

Our prayers go out to Aric Almirola. What a crash. One of the worst I have seen in a while. You never like seeing a driver needing to get cut out of a car. It is a amazing to see what NASCAR has done over the years to make these cars as safe as they are now days.

So we say what I described as the perfect novel. It was written safe though. It was the feel good ending that you see in Sleepless in Seattle type movies. It makes us feel good.

On a side note I have to say I am pretty dang excited. The 10 days of thunder at Charlotte Motor Speedway have always been my favorite as a fan. I will be in attendance for my 6th Coca Cola 600 on the 28th but new to me this year is I will also be attending the All Star Race Saturday night! I have to say I am super pumped for that. The 600 weekend is a nice family time for me. I will be spending 4 days camping with my two oldest in what started as a tradition last year. So if you happen to be around that weekend let me know and I will tell you what site is ours in the family campground area.

Till next week. (I will have pics included)



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